Manchester Hebrew Cemetery

Jointly owned and maintained by Temple Israel and Temple Adath Yeshurun, Manchester Hebrew Cemetery serves the entire New Hampshire community.  

 Originally, the Manchester Hebrew Cemetery was two abutting cemeteries -  Adath Yeshurun and Anshei Sephard - separated by a fence.


In 1946, the two cemeteries were united by placing a chapel directly on the line where the fence had been. 

Under the oversight a joint committee including Temple Israel member Michael Sydney, this lovely chapel was recently renovated while maintaining its historic charm, and new paving, lighting and lawn sprinklers were installed throughout the grounds.  New decorative landscaping is in the works.

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You may use these links to the  south and the north sections of the cemetery to search for your loved one by last name.   

South Section

Just follow the directions in the top right hand corner of the listing.          

North Section

 If you your loved one is not listed, s/he may be where members of  Temple Adath Yeshurun are buried.  Please call TAY at 603.669.5650 or send an email using the link below.   

ContACT tay

 If you are interested in purchasing a plot, arranging for funeral services in the chapel or temple sanctuary, donating to our restoration fund, or need help locating a loved one's grave, please call 603.622.6171 or use the email link below.  

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Manchester Hebrew Cemetery

316 South Beech S, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101, United States